Bruce vs. Bane (with T-Dubb-O)

Released December 25th, 2014
Label: Bo Dean / Delmar Records
1. Bruce Meets Bane
2. Savages
3. Fux Shit Up
4. Get In Line (feat. Hystory, Louie Boy)
5. Wad Up (feat. Freeway)
6. The Roc Back (feat. Crisis)
7. City Lights
8. Do It
9. Oh Lawd (feat. Sticky Badaboonchii)
10. Underground Gods (feat. Hystory, Crooked I, Haiku, Stogi, Nate Moore)
11. When The Bad Man Comes
12. Ridin' (feat. Project Pat, Rip The General)
13. Hiding The Truth (Skit)
14. If You Go
15. Wurr Iz Da Luv (feat. Louie Boy)
16. This Summer (Remix) (feat. Louie Boy, Hystory)
17. 8 Minutes In Hell