Fro GOD: The Legend Of Froku Khrist

Released March 23rd, 2018

Bo Dean returns with his latest offering “Fro GOD.” Delivering a high level of lyricism, charisma and artistry.

The Legend Of Froku Khrist beginz…

1. Praises Overdue (produced by ILL Mac)
2. Bovember Weathur 2
3. Runnin' (feat. Cheech Foreign) (produced by DT)
4. Dear Amerikkka
5. ATM (feat. Sal Calhoon) (produced by Beau Willie)
6. Somethin' 2 Say (produced by Crisis)
7. Brown Sugar (produced by Bless The Best)
8. Bovember Weathur (produced by Crisis)
9. Roll In Peace Freestyle
10. Coming To America (produced by King Ca$h)
11. Whatever It Takes (feat. Holy Zeus) (produced by Jackpot hITZ)
12. Deeper (feat. Peetey Weestro) (produced by King Ca$h)
13. Frocini (produced by Crisis)
14. Give You My All (feat. Holy Zeus) (produced by Jackpot Hitz)
15. Lightz (produced by Crisis)