About Bo Dean

I look at music as another form of creating beautiful imagery that people can cherish for a lifetime.  I would put  my style of art in the same lane as a Picasso or Basquiat. It’s unique, filled with tons of flavor, vibrant and tells a story. Most of the time the story is left up to the listener to interpret but never the less, the message is impactful and the art is innovating. I am also an artist because this is the perfect way for me to express how I feel without holding back my thoughts and feelings . its a way to reach millions of people who feel the same way as me and help them get through the day. A perfect way to motivate the people and get them to look at things in a different way.  I am a voice for the people. The cool thing about being an artist is that you can take your imagination to heights you only dreamed of. You can be whatever you want to be. Some people might not know me as “Bo Dean” right off the bat, they might know me as “Bovember” or “The Fro GOD” or  “Fro Lee” or “Black Man” or even the “Twins from STL Movie” but at the end of the day it will all come back full circle to Bo Dean. so being an artist is more than just creating music. It’s about turning  all of your wildest dreams and thoughts into reality but doing it in a creative and skillful way were the rest of the world can understand it, love it and embrace it.